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Founded in 1994 and based in California US, Add-Vision has focused on developing proprietary techniques for low cost, screen-printed light-emitting display systems.
Add-Vision is a CDT licensee with rights to sublicense CDT entire patent portfolio in conjunction with Add-Vision display technology. They claim they are the largest consumer of flexible barrier substrate materials for OLED in world. As of December 2006, CDT owns 55% of Add-Vision.

Aixtron AG provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. The Company's technology solutions are used by a diverse range of customers world wide to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials. Aixtron has introduced Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD) Equipment, which was exclusively licensed to Aixtron by UDC. Aixtron trades in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and in the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (Ticker is AIXG). http://www.axitron.com/
Anders Electronics plc global supplier of standard and custom LCD solutions, integrated flat panel display systems and meters. The company also offers expert design and development services for embedded PC display solutions.
Anders' product range includes the OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Pictiva family of OLED flat panel display products.
Applied Films leading provider of technologically advanced thin film deposition equipment and service for high-tech markets such as the flat panel display and the solar glass industry. For the display sectors, Applied offers manufacturing solutions that apply coatings for producing different display types such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs), plasma display panels (PDPs) and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Applied Films trades in the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (Ticker is AFCO). http://www.appliedfilms.com/
Art.Lebedev Studio Art.Lebedev is the largest Russian design company. Art.Lebedev are behind the hyped optimus OLED keyboard series (Optimus 103, and Optimus-mini-three). www.artlebedev.com
BASF Future Business GmbH wholly owned subsidiary of BASF AG, focused on development of new materials, technologies, and system approaches within the business areas of Energy Management, Quality of Life and Organic Electronics.
BASF aim to develop monochromic price tags and flexible newspaper-like applications.
Cambridge Display Technology CDT is the leading developer of technologies based on polymer light emitting diodes (PLEDs). CDT's PLED technology has already been licensed to world class OEMs, including Philips, Seiko Epson, Osram, Dupont and Delta Optoelectronics. CDT is based in Cambridge (Duh), and is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (Ticker is OLED). http://www.cdtltd.co.uk/
Crystalfontz designs, manufactures, and sells high-quality LCD modules. Crystalfontz offer Serial LCD Modules and USB LCD Modules, Standard LCD modules -- character and graphic and also Custom LCD design and support. Crystalfontz Also offers OLED/PLED LCD replacement modules (Character LCD, 16x2 and 20x2) http://www.crystalfontz.com/
CSEM the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology is a privately held, knowledge-based company carrying out applied research work, product development, prototype, and low-volume production. CSEM's Polymer Optoelectronics Section offers expertise in custom designed OLED / PLED development, screening of polymeric semiconductor materials for organic optoelectronic devices, and dedicated feasibility studies. http://www.csem.ch/
Densitron Display Solutions manufacturer and supplier of standard and customised display modules utilising OLED, TFT, CSTN, Monochrome and Touch Screen technology. It has over thirty years of experience in providing comprehensive solutions to global organisations and has been promoting the OLED technology since 2002. http://www.densitron.com/
DisplaySearch research company focused on Flat Panel Display Market Research and Consulting. Displaysearch has oled reports ready to purchase, and is also the publisher of the OLED Emitter newsletter. http://www.displaysearch.com/
Doosan DND is a subsidiary of Doosan Group which boasts about its 109-year of history as the longest running company in Korea. DOOSAN DND specializes in the design, engineering, development and manufacturing of OLED display production systems.
In 2004, DOOSAN DND successfully delivered a Gen-4 production system for the first time in the world which paved the way for other challenges of Gen-4 OLED equipments. Also in 2005, DOOSAN DND delivered Gen-2 mass production systems for AMOLED panel.
Dynamic Organic Light focused on developing and commercializing advanced materials and their incorporation into next-generation organic electronic devices, specifically, OLED-type flat panel displays, solid state lighting, and solar cells. The Company's technology provides for improved material lifetime, efficiency, color purity, and device manufacturing cost versus conventional OLED materials.
Dynamic Organic Light was founded in 2003 and is a privately held, venture capital backed company located in Longmont, CO.
Eastman Kodak Company developing, manufacturing and marketing traditional and digital imaging products, services and solutions. OLEDs were originally found and patented by Kodak. Today Kodak is involved in licensing and producing OLED screens. Kodak released the world's first camera to use OLED screens, and have licensed its OLED technology to 20 companies, including the following companies - eMagin, Pioneer, Sanyo, TDK, Nippon Seiki, Ritek, Opsys, Rohm, Teco, Lite Array. Kodak trades in the NASDAQ (Ticker is EK).
eMagin corporation design, development, manufacturing and marketing of virtual imaging products that utilize OLEDs, OLED-on-silicon micro displays and information technology solutions. Focused on Micro displays, eMagin is selling its micro displays to companies that incorporate them into products such as cameras, army helmets or headsets, etc. eMagin trades in the AMEX Stock Exchange (Ticker is EMA). http://www.emagin.com/
Goodfellow supplies pure metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers and composites as discs, sheets, foils, rods, wires and tubes, etc., to the research (R&D) and industrial markets. Goodfellow has a stock of over 45,000 catalogue items, and have sold several materials to OLED companies including ITO, cadmium, gold and polymers. http://www.goodfellow.com/
Hyundai LCD division of Hynix Semiconductor manufacturing, is now amongst the top 10 passive LCD manufacturers in the field of mobile communication, PDA, industry equipment and automotive displays, and is continuing robust growth in the flat panel display market. As of January 1, 2002, new investors from China and Korea acquired the business, and it is now independent.
offer OLED screens, ranging from 1.15" monochrome for mobile phones to larger, colour displays for car-audio and phones. Their future development plans include PLEDs, Flexible OLEDs and AMOLED screens. Hyundai LCD has opened a JV of sorts with Luxell.
Lucid Display Technology fabless company based in korea, focused on Displays ICs. LDT are offering a 64K color OLED IC (PMOLED)and has recently developed a driver IC that supports an OLED with a resolution of 128x160 and 260,000 colors, used for folder-type mobile phones. http://www.ldt.co.kr/
Leadis develops and markets mixed-signal semiconductors that enable and enhance the features and capabilities of small panel color displays used in mobile handset and consumer electronic devices.
As a leading supplier of color display driver ICs, Leadis continues to innovate and introduce new products for all handset display technologies such as OLED, CSTN and TFT. The OLED drivers are aimed for PM-OLED displays.
Lite Array subsidiary of Global-Tech is developing a range of display modules utilizing proprietary small molecule OLED technology. These modules are expected to be initially marketed to consumer electronics companies for use in cellular phones and MP3 players. Lite Array licenses its PMOLED technology from Kodak.
Global-Tech Appliances Inc. is an investment holding company that through its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures and sells small electrical household appliances to brand marketers in developed countries. GTA lists on the NYSE (Ticker is GAI).
Luxell has two divisions. Luxell Research has developed the 'Black Layer', in addition to other OLED IP. The Black Layer is a thin film structure that virtually eliminates ambient reflections, thereby enhancing display readability. Luxell has demonstrated the black layer with OLED the TFEL screens. The 2nd division is Actelux. Actelux has design and manufacturing capability to respond to client needs for custom display and intelligent Human-Machine Interface(HMI) systems. Actelux handles all display technologies, not just OLEDs.
Luxell also have a Joint Venture of sorts with Hyundai LCD.
Luxell is traded in the Toronto stock exchange (Ticker is LUX).
MBraun offers optimally designed equipment for development and production in different application areas. MBraun sells equipment for OLED / PLED development and research, including a laboratory scale thin film deposition (TFD) inside a glove box. http://www.mbraun.de/
Merck based in Frankfurt/Germany and produces organic semiconductor materials for displays and electronics. The company designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of specialised materials including high performance light emitting materials for oleds.
In February 2005, Covion was acquired by Merck KGaA.
MicroEmissive Displays MED was founded in 1999 with the aim of developing and commercialising a new microdisplay technology using P-OLED materials. MED is a public company listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. In september 2006 MED has announced that it has raised over $9 million, and has revealed its plans for a volume manufacturing facility for its polymer light emitting diode (P-OLED) microdisplay products. http://www.microemissive.com/
NeoView Kolon Founded in 2000, as a subsidiary of KOLON Group, NeoView KOLON is focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing OLED display. NeoView KOLON is capable of realizing full color as a determinant of the properties of OLED itself and is in the capacity and capability of mass production of OLED display. http://www.neoviewkolon.com/
Novaled provides technology for making power-efficient and easy-to-manufacture OLED devices to display and lighting manufacturers. Novaled's unique doping approach leads to the low operating voltage and great flexibility in OLED design. Novaled was founded in 2001. It is a spin-off of the Institute of Applied Photophysics (IAPP) at the Dresden University and from the Fraunhofer Society's Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS). http://www.novaled.com/
Nuelight develops solutions to the key shortcomings of OLED displays. Nuelight's patent pending technology and products ensure uniform brightness, balanced colors and long lifetimes of Active Matrix oled (AMOLED). Nuelight technology and products will enable the active matrix OLED display manufacturers to develop video centric displays for high volume consumer products such as smart phones, portable DVD players, laptops, monitors and TV.
Nuelight is partnering with a leading flat panel display manufacturer to develop and commercialize high performance active matrix OLED displays for these consumer markets.
OLED-T develops, manufactures and licenses high efficiency, long life-time materials known as ELAMATES for OLED displays. Its ELAMATE® portfolio of materials offers dramatic efficiency improvements of up to 80 per cent over competitive materials, and lifetimes of as much as three times that of competitive OLED materials.
OLED-T has over 60 patents in the area of OLED materials and device structures. It sells its materials directly to OLED display manufacturers primarily in Asia.
In May 2006, OLED-T secured 7M$ in funding to open a new R&D facility in the UK.
Orgatronics started on October 2005, a joint venture of OTB Group and TNO, the Dutch science and technology institute; offers access to an advanced R&D line, the Orgatron, which incorporates the latest developed processes needed to develop and produce complete devices from substrate to finished product. The Orgatronics facility provides added value for all who are or want to be involved in the application or development of this emerging technology.
The Orgatron is the first R&D line based on OTB's inline production system allowing easy transfer from R&D to full production of Organic Electronics and OLED's. The Orgatron uses advanced inkjet printing, vacuum deposition and thin film encapsulation processes.
OSD displays previously One Stop Displays has over a 15 year history of experience for display technology. OSD displays726 is focused on advanced display technology and associated services. OSD features standard and custom manufacturing of monochrome PLED displays, color SMOLED displays, and a full range of TFT products. http://www.osddisplays.com/
Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH wholly owned subsidiary of OSRAM. Is a leading supplier and manufacturer of solid-state lighting solutions with a strategic focus on OLED technology. The company has developed an extensive range of IPs, development capabilities and manufacturing expertise. OSRAM OS offers Pictiva - a Single color, Passive matrix microdisplay (Display format: 80x48, 96x64 and 128x64). OSRAM is one of the two largest lighting manufacturers in the world. This international company, with its headquarters in Munich, employs more than 35,000 people throughout the world. World sales in the 2003 fiscal year totalled Euro 4.2 billion. http://www.osram-os.com/
OTB Display a 100% subsidiary of the OTB Group and focuses on OLED commercialization (PLED and SMOLED). OTB Display is involved in the design, engineering, development and manufacturing of in-line OLED display production systems.
Through the acquisition of Philips PolyLED in 2005, OTB Display has also acquired all the know-how necessary to support its customers from display design to fully mass produced OLED modules.
PixDro specializes in developing and marketing industrial inkjet technologies for printable electronics applications, using special materials and processes. PixDro has inkject products can be used for PLED and OLED printing.
PixDro is based in Israel, and is a part of the OTB-Group.
Plextronics Founded in 2002, as a spin-out from Carnegie Mellon University, Plextronics is developing critical technology that enables broad market commercialization of organic electronic devices. Such devices include plastic chips, polymer solar cells and organic lights and sensors. http://www.plextronics.com/
RiTDisplay manufacturing OLED screens. RiT has been spun-off from Ritek. In November 2006 Kolon Industries have invested 100M$ in RiTDisplay, and acquired 80% of the company. http://www.ritdisplay.com/
SAES Getters provides solutions that allow enhanced display efficiency and lifetime. For OLEDs particularly, SAES’ DryFlex® boosts display lifetime to over 30% thanks to the highest sorption speed available on the market, and AlkaMax®, an advanced alkali metal dispenser, increases OLED performance in terms of operating voltage and luminosity. http://www.saesgetters.com/
Samsung SDI wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung. SDI means Samsung (or Supreme, Superior, Strategic, etc) Display Interface. Samsung SDI is involved in display and future energy products. It is mass-producing colour OLED displays, and is involved in both AMOLED and PMOLED, primarily for the mobile phone display market.
Samsung lists on the Korean Stock Exchange (Ticker is SSNGY). Samsung plans to open its AMOLED plant in January 2007, hoping to produce 1.5Million panels monthly.
Seiko Epson Seiko Epson plans to produce OLED TVs by 2007, and unveiled in a prototype 40-inch OLED display in May 2004. Seiko Epson lists on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Ticker is JP:6724). http://www.epson.com/
Sensient Imaging Technologies GmbH subsidiary of the US based Sensient Technologies Corporation, is a German manufacturer of highly specialized performance chemicals for OLED displays and laser printing equipment. Sensient started its OLED R&D activities in 1998. Sensient is a supplier of "classical" OLED materials, e. g. Alq3, a-NPB, BAlq, Rubrene, but also of innovative materials, e. g. high TG hole transporters, electron conductors/ matrix materials for phosphorescent systems and phosphorescent emitters.

SIT has invested into 10 independent sublimation lines with a total capacity of up to 80 kg per month, and they have an in-house application lab for device and life time testing guaranteed consist OLED performance and product quality.
Sensient is a participant in the European OLLA - Project on OLED for lighting application.

Sony has an OLED research program, aiming to produce small sized panels in the short term, and large panels for OLED TVs in the future. In addition, Sony is already selling several products (mainly MP3 players) with OLED displays. http://www.sony.net/
Syndy Chemical Shenyang Syndy chemistry institute is a private-owned R&D enterprise based in China. Syndychem mainly engage in R&D of chemical drugs  and function chemicals synthesis. Syndy is a OLED materials manufacturer. http://www.syndy.com.cn/
Tokki manufactures vacuum process equipment and factory automation system, and has developed the first OLED mass production system in 1999, which processed both OLED / electrode material deposition and encapsulation by one system. Tokki's OLED production system has been delivered to most of small molecular OLED manufactures in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. http://www.tokki.co.jp/
TPO is a merger of two display companies - Toppoly and Philips MDS. The merger was completed in 2006. Toppoly has been researching AMOLED displays, and TPO plans to mass-produce these displays in 2006. http://www.tpo.biz/
Universal display corporation UDC is an OLED research company, and one of the field's pioneers. UDC is involved in OLED IP, and holds many patent, related to the commercialization of OLEDs, and also related to Flexible (FOLED), Transparent (TOLED), Stacked (SOLED) and phosphorescent (PHOLED) displays. UDC licenses its OLED production IP, and also sells chemical materials to be used in the production process, and cites Samsung as one of its licensees.
UDC trades in the NASDAQ (ticker is PANL).
Univision Technology develops, manufactures and markets OLEDs displays. Univision was established in Taiwan in 2000. Univision is among the top five OLED manufacturer. The product line includes full color, multicolor, and monochrome displays which can be used in the main and sub-panel of mobile phone, MP3 player, blue tooth earphone, game, digital camera, car audio, and other industrial applications. Univision offers different sizes color OLED modules from 0.95” to 1.5” and mono/area color OLED modules having size from 0.66” to 3.12”. http://www.univision.com.tw/

Established in 1978 by a group of academics from Hong Kong's universities, Varitronix has grown to become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD).
Varitronix has successfully acquired a Kodak OLED Licensing agreement in 2002 Q4 and finished expansion of the clean room to install the metal sputtering line in 2003 Q3. At the moment, Varitronix is planning for the mass production.
Varitronix lists on the Hong Kong stock exchange (Ticker is 0710)

Vitex Systems Vitex's Vacuum Polymer Technology (VPT) creates a moisture barrier that is several orders of magnitude better than conventional inorganic barrier coatings. In fact, it provides a barrier to water or oxygen penetration that's equivalent to a sheet of glass. This VPT technology can be applied to flexible substrates or over a finished display. http://www.vitexsys.com/


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